Specific regulation for the advertising spaces on LinkedIn proprietary platform

Specific regulation for the advertising spaces on LinkedIn proprietary platform

CUSTOMER that requests WEBADS S.r.l. the opening of a credit line on LinkedIn proprietary platform for the purchase of advertising spaces (Campaign Manager), for a budget set by the CUSTOMER (excluding VAT), is subject to the “Terms and Conditions”, to the “Insertion Order” and to the following rules:

1. By following the indications of the CUSTOMER and on its behalf, WEBADS S.r.l. opens a Business Account on LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager platform.

2. The CUSTOMER recognizes and accept that, in case of autonomous management by the CUSTOMER:

i. The CUSTOMER is fully responsible for the campaign management (setup, processing and uploading of the materials, optimization and reporting);

ii. The CUSTOMER is the unique responsible for the amount spent at the end of the campaign, whether it is above or below the credit line, because the credit line isn’t binding for the billing.

iii. The amount of the CUSTOMER’ spending will be invoiced by WEBADS S.r.l. to the CUSTOMER within a period to be agreed between the CUSTOMER and WEBADS S.r.l. and it has to be paid within a maximum of 60 (sixty) days from the invoice date. Different agreements reached between the parties and formalized in writing are excluded;

iv. the CUSTOMER is fully responsible for any loss, damage or patrimonial lesion that the CUSTOMER and/or WEBADS S.r.l. can provide, directly or not, with the management of the campaign autonomously by the CUSTOMER.

3. In order to correctly open the credit line, the Business Account and the campaign management, it is forbitten to the CUSTOMER the removing of any employee and/or contributor of WEBADS S.r.l. who has been nominated Account Manager at the opening of the Business Account itself.

4. The CUSTOMER is allowed to add by itself,or through WEBADS S.r.l., the maximum number of five (5) accounts for the management of the campaign.

The authorizations depend on the type of account according to the following chart:

5. The CUSTOMER must keep the alphanumeric codes (so-called “Credentials”) necessary for a safe access, secret and strictly confidential and he will be responsible for any damage caused by the spread of the Credentials to third parties. The CUSTOMER will immediately notify to WEBADS S.r.l. the loss of confidentiality of the Credentials. The CUSTOMER must not allow third-parties access through the Credentials.

6. The Business Account must register at least €1.000,00 (one thousand/00) of monthly amount for at least two (2) months during the twelve (12) months, otherwise the Business Account may be closed.

7. Creating a Business Account (ETA) takes 3-4 working days. If the request is made at the 25th day of the month (or the following days till the end of the month), the request will be take in charge the first day of the next month.

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